provides media companies with a forum for cooperation where media companies and authorities together seek solutions that:

  • develop and support the cybersecurity of the industry
  • counter hybrid threats and disinformation
  • guarantee the technical and other continuity of media operations in special situations, during serious disturbances and in emergencies
  • share the best practices regarding the aforementioned matters.

From the viewpoint of securing the operations of the news media, Mediapooli is also interested in the phenomena of social media and information influencing by hostile actors. In addition, Mediapooli organises courses and exercises for journalists and media organisations.

Government Decision on the Objectives of Security of Supply

In the Government’s decision on security of supply (1048/2018), safeguarding responsible media communication is one of the priorities of the overall security supply in Finland:

“Safeguarding the operating conditions and free and diverse media, which supports the security of society and responsible freedom of speech, shall be one of the priorities of the safeguarding of society.”

Safeguarding mass communications and its infrastructure shall be critical.

Social media is an important part of the media environment. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to monitor the effects of the contents made outside the journalistic processes on security and security of supply.

Government Decision on the Objectives of Security of Supply (1048/2018), unofficial translation


Media resilience and its development

Mediapooli’s work to promote the security of supply ensures the working conditions for independent journalistic news media in all circumstances, during normal times and crises, and in emergencies. Its aim is to secure citizens’ right to receive reliable and factual information in all situations.

The promotion of the security of supply prepares for threats

Resilience is a key concept in the promotion of the security of supply. Resilience means the ability to act in changing circumstances, confront disturbances and crises as well as recover from such situations.

In the development of the resilience of news media, Mediapooli prepares for potential threats by, for example, securing the conditions in which the media operates. The key features of this work include cybersecurity know-how, the recognition and tackling of disinformation in daily editorial work, the operations and transparency of social media platforms and algorithms as well as international cooperation and networking.

As the threats to news media and its operational environment are global, domestic and international cooperation have become an integral part of Mediapooli’s operations. Cooperation supports the media industry’s knowledge in hybrid influencing by hostile actors, cybersecurity and preparation for disinformation and other potential threats.

Similarly, cooperation with authorities as well as research and other organisations has become increasingly important in the development of resilience. International operations aim to draw policy-makers’ attention to those weaknesses in legislation that enable information influencing by hostile actors, harassment of journalists and reduce cybersecurity and press freedom.