is a network of media companies that ensures citizens’ access to reliable information in all situations. Reliable information is a cornerstone of a functional democracy. During normal times, crises and emergencies, the journalistic news media produces and conveys independent and factual information. The authenticity of the information as well as credibility of the source are verified.

Mediapooli supports media organisations to prepare technically and in other ways for various threats and circumstances of varying degrees. The aim is to ensure that the operating conditions of news media and press freedom are secured in all situations. Mediapooli promotes the cybersecurity of media companies and organises for journalists courses and theme days on current topics.

Threats to the freedom of communication and news media have increased and become more serious in recent decades. Today, the top priorities of this preparedness include enhancing cybersecurity, countering disinformation and having the means to tackle serious harassment directed at journalists that aims to restrict press freedom and journalism.

Mediapooli is part of the National Emergency Supply Organisation managed by business life. It operates administratively in connection with Finnmedia. The operations of Mediapooli are financed by the National Emergency Supply Fund. The Finnish practice for protecting the security of supply in society as a joint act of business life and authorities is unique.

WEBINAR: What is QAnon, and how worried should we be about it? – December 2, 2020

Digital security for journalists e-learning course

An online course on the basics of digital self-defense (available only in Finnish).

Handbook for social media influncers

Fact of fake? Handbook for reliable social media influencers. The handbook provides information and tools to ensure the reliability of social media contents.